Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tammy in Black Stilettos

Tammy comes home from a long day at work and her boyfriend has been waiting for her all day to undress her. He slowly strips her clothes off but he makes sure to let her keep her shoes on. She is wearing 7 inch black stiletto heels. Tammy goes over to their couch and she starts to tease her boyfriend with her sexy feet spread apart, she caresses her ass, and gets ready for some fun.

Sara masturbates barefoot

Sara loves to masturbate barefoot to get her very pink hole ready to be pounded by her boyfriend. She lays on her back and starts to slowly rub the outer part of her vagina As Sara is getting wet you can see her little toes begin to girl. Don't you just want to suck on every one of her toes before you fucked her barefoot?

Are Dirty Feet your thing?

I don't know this girl's name but I do know that this dark haired beauty's feet are dirty. Some people love kissing on a girl's feet that are stinky and or dirty. Her pussy looks tasty too, would you like to see her sweet feet high in the air as she gets fucked?
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sexy Brunette's Feet

Meet Karen, I stumbled across her on this website I check out. I wanted to bring this beautiful natural feet, clear nail polish on her tasty toes. I am a fan of heels and black heels on her white skin ,makes the feet stick out even more. The look in this naught girls eyes tell me that she wants me to slowly remove those heels and worship her yummy feet, do you agree?

Feet in Sexy Nude Thigh highs

I found this feet photo today while I was searching on the web. Look at how delicious her feet look in these nude stockings. Her feet look seamless. Do you want to put them right on your face to feel and kiss on this pair?

Welcome To Foot Fetish Palace

Welcome to my First Foot Fetish Blog, you can call me Foot master. I love feet, big feet, small feet, dirty feet, and wide feet. I truly enjoy the way a woman foot curves, I love the way the toes taste in my mouth. I can  look at feet all day, to pleasure myself to a spectacular pair of feet is very fulfilling. I am dedicating this blog to all my fellow foot lovers out there in the world. I hope you enjoy  what my blog is going to offer. Feet all day and night. Enjoy